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Core Tech or New Tech Implementation Service

In today’s world, technology is the backbone of business – it supports every aspect of a company, allowing team members to get on with what they do best.

Great technology is user friendly, simple, and works to enhance a business’ objectives.

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses are faced with the following tech problems:

  • The systems they have in place are a legacy of pre-cloud implementations by IT departments who cared little about usability and more about functionality;
  • They have spent considerable amounts on these legacy systems and changing them is another major investment;
  • They don’t have the resources to identify the cost of missed oppportunity or misuse of the technology in place or the financial improvement driven by implementing new technology.

If you feel your business could do more with the technology you have in place or you feel like your business is in the technology dinosaur age (i.e. still using excel to track customers or run business intelligence), then we can help you by evaluating what you have in place, identifying how it could be improved, recommend new technologies to achieve your business objectives, generate an IT strategy, and support the implementation of our recommendations.

Does this sound like it would be valuable to your business?

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Our technology restructuring and new technology implementation service starts at £5,000 (excl VAT) depending on the extent and scope of activities you may require. It starts with an evaluation and can include a completly mapped out technology strategy with recommended improvements, introduction of additional technology, and implementation management.

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