Unlike many of its competitors, we pride ourselves on being vendor and technology agnostic in order to serve your interests first and foremost.

Our goal is to become your trusted long-term partner for business strategy and transformation in the digital age by putting your needs at the centre of our business.

Digital devices, from smartphones to sensors, permeate society, business and government organisations. Digital channels and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, fuelled by data, influence – and will continue to determine – how consumers experience your brand and how you operate to engage your customers in the digital age. We help you take advantage of this new digital world.

We help clients achieve success by evaluating the present and delivering customer, competition, data, innovation, value, culture, digital, transformation and technology strategies built around people and experience to succeed now and in the future.

Because delivering the right experience to customers is the key competitive advantage for success in the digital age.

To achieve this success, your business needs to transform and rethink what customers, competition, data, innovation, and value means to its success.

We believe that by doing that you will increase revenue and optimise your business to reduce costs, thereby increasing net operating income (NOI) and gaining a competitive edge in the markets you operate in.

Our 3 Step Process

1. Evaluation

2. Generation

3. Management

Most of our clients start with an Evaluation of some sort. This is where we evaluate your current situation and challenges, identify gaps and opportunities and determine what it would be like once transformed for the digital age, making recommendations on what to focus on.

Our generation phase is where we work closely with you to generate the right strategy for your business. We help you by crafting strategies around the six core pillars of business in a digital world: customers, competition, data, value, innovation, culture. This is where we establish your digital & data capabilities and culture. The outcome of this step is a number of strategies for your business to achieve its full potential.

In the management phase, we help you manage the implementation of the strategy or any recommendation we have made. We work with you in delivering these strategies and building your digital capabilities to succeed in the connected world we live in.


To benefit from the full value of our services, we recommend working through all three steps.

However, we’ve designed our process to be flexible for you, our customer, and so each step is independent of the other. You can choose any service within each step as you see fit for your business.

“Think of us as your outsourced Chief Digital Officer – your strategic force for your success in the digital age.”

With an extensive depth of digital and business knowledge and experience, our team members have worked across various industries in Europe, North America, Australia, and China.


We work in an agile manner, with numerous associates and resources which we can call on as needed.

This allows us to be cost effective without sacrificing quality and deliver the same, if not better, results you would get from our larger competitors at a significant discount.

Our senior strategists, business analysts,  and project managers are leaders in digital transformation, digital strategy, and digital marketing who have all worked for major brands and technology companies such as:
Dexus, JLL, Ebay, Google, Amazon, Kimberly Clark, Westpac, Bupa, Nestlé, ANZ, Moet Hennessy, Event Hospitality & Entertainment (formerly Amalgamated Holdings), Vodafone, Dimension Data, Belmond, The GPT Group, Investa, Westpac, St James Place Wealth Management.

We believe we’ve done our job right the day you no longer need us.