We understand the PE model and the importance of ROI in short time frames.

We help you obliterate any hurdle rate that may be in place by increasing your investment performance through an increase in operational efficiencies and/or increase in your invested capital multiple.

We help you accelerate your J curve, increase your investment returns over time, maximise your IRR, increase the worth of your committed capital, your investments’ growth profile and multiple.

We do this by bringing our digital expertise to add value to the created value model at both the operational improvement and multiple expansion level. The application of our expertise results in revenue increase and margin improvements at the companies and assets you invest in.

Our expertise helps you realise organic company specific revenue growth. It increases the net cash flow position generated by the companies and assets you invest in, as well as the sales figure you will be able to request by increasing your investment’s value over time.

When the time comes to divest, we understand the options you may have and how the work we do to increase the value of your investments can impact the return you make.

In Due Diligence…
When undertaking due diligence on a potential investment, we can help you with your internal due diligence process by offering you an additional layer of understanding of the company or asset you are considering investing in or acquiring.

Our ability to understand digital strategy and the opportunities for digital transformation, specifically around customers, competition, data, value, innovation, and culture, at the potential investment/acquisition allows you to maximise value creation as soon as you make the investment – or helps you avoid the underperformance of the investment, or possible loss, had it been undertaken without our insight.

Our understanding of what is required to understand and engage with customers in the digital age, how to look at competition and disruption, understanding the value of data and whether or not data is being used to create value, understanding how to innovate cost-effectively and whether or not innovation is part of the business culture and how is innovation being driven to uncover significant new revenue opportunities, and how this potential investment/acquisition is handling its perceived value in the eyes of its customers – gives you an edge pre and post-investment.

Our ability to identify these factors and put forward recommendations on what will be required to transform your potential investment/acquisition, gives you additional value in your due diligence process. It allows you to add an important layer of understanding to the value of your potential investment, as well as already plan on how to add value post-acquisition or calculate the capital requirement to maximise your ROI.

Fundamentally the value we can bring to your investments is through the successful application of technology and digital transformation, based on the expertise we have garnered over 36+ years.

Digital transformation – the process by which a business implements the requirements needed to successfully grow in the digital age – follows some universal principles that are fundamental to business in the digital economy in terms of customers, competition, data, innovation, value, culture, and the application of technology.

Regardless of industry, these principles can be applied to any business.

These are the same principles applied by digital transformation specialists around the world and taught at leading institutions such as Columbia Business School in New York.

With the age of pre-digital companies shrinking rapidly – 61 years to 15 – and concrete results being shared by those who have embraced digital transformation over the past 10 years, digital transformation adopters have seen quantifiable and qualifiable performance results over and above those who have failed to embrace the needed change.

These benefits and results include:

    • Minimum 10% impact on capital projects
    • At least 20% increase in value
    • 15% average reduction in costs
    • Enhanced data access
    • Improved resource management – maximizing output,
    • minimizing waste
    • Market share increase
    • 23% higher revenue growth than competitors

Helping You Increase IRR & ROI

If you’re a PE firm looking to increase the value of your investments, we can help you achieve this goal by evaluating the digital readiness, culture, resources and capabilities of your portfolio companies. Then help them formulate strategies around the key areas they need to focus on. And finally, help them implement these in order to maximise your IRR and ROI within your investment horizon.

We may uncover during our evaluation that one key area to focus on may yield the greatest return on investment. Hence why we have broken down our services by key management area:

    • Customers
    • Competition
    • Data
    • Value
    • Innovation
    • Culture

Post-Acquisition Planning as part of Due Diligence

If you are looking to acquire a new asset or business, we can help you evaluate this potential acquisition, giving you actionable insights and generating strategies that will ensure revenue and value growth in the digital age.

“Unlike many of our competitors, we focus entirely on what matters most to your success – undertaking evaluations and generating strategies with your best interests in mind, not the technologies or additional services we may charge you for.”

Globally recognised as trusted advisors in digital, technology, and business strategy, we deliver market-leading, transformative evaluations and strategies for business success in the digital age for PE/Alternative Investment clients such as The Blackstone Group and CohnReznick.

We bring together subject matter experts, industry experts, business function professionals to help you transform the businesses and assets you invest in to ensure they succeed in the digital age and yield greater returns for you.

Experience has become the main driving force for continued business growth. A slight increase in positive experience can yield substantial annual revenue increases and positive cash flow in the portfolio companies you invest in.

We recognise that people are the asset that transforms organizations. Technology simply enables them to successfully transform.

With 71% of companies facing disruption, we understand that senior leadership teams have a lot on their minds. From improving results to data, customer experience, innovation, or IT restructuring, we know that to be successful in the digital age means not only focusing on how technology can support your portfolio companies but also on new ways to work and generate value.

To navigate the future with confidence, businesses and senior leadership teams need to understand where they stand in terms of digital readiness, who their customers are and how they want to engage, who are their asymmetrical competitors and how to deal with them, how to use data and generate value from it, how to innovate efficiently and create an innovation culture, how to challenge the value they deliver to their customers and how to grow the value of their business, and how to build the right culture to sustain growth and success in the digital age.

This is why our services are specifically tailored to help your portfolio companies transform strategically in order to achieve your investment objectives.

Our services focus on key areas of business in the digital age: business & asset strategy, customers, competition, data, innovation, value, and culture.

They help your portfolio companies answer questions such as:

What is our purpose?
How do we achieve our business and portfolio objectives in the digital age?
What is our strategy for each key area of our business?
Who should we engage with and how should we engage them in order to achieve our business objectives?
How do we manage disruption?
Who are our true competitors and how do we deal with them?
How will we win business? Is our value proposition still relevant and what should our value propositions be? What is our competitive advantage?

How will we succeed in the future? What capabilities do we have and which ones are required?
What should we do to make sure our assets are future ready?
How do we climb out of a shrinking market?
What is our digital strategy?
What is our data strategy?
With what perceives to be a new shiny technology appearing everyday, what should we really be focusing on?
What are the numerous options of what the future looks like? How do we prepare for them? Which ones should we focus on?

It is important to seek alignment from the top. Senior management should be driving transformational strategies, championing change consistently across all business areas. They need to think disruptively in order to deliver the full value potential of the business in the digital age. Digital transformation enables a fundamentally different approach to delivering value and is essential for future business success.

When it comes to customer engagement, our marketing services focus on three types of customer and marketing transformations: digital marketing, customer experience, and marketing capabilities.

Our simple-to-understand, teachable, and intuitive frameworks and methodologies help you achieve change by delivering strategies that increase your growth rate. They will help your portfolio companies:

Rethink your customers, rethink your marketing strategy, understand the value of your customers, understand the five customer network behaviours, and allow you to generate the right customer strategies

Rethink your competition, identify asymmetric competitors, build platform models, understand your competitive value trains, and determinate any co-opetition opportunities

Rethink data, understand the value of the intangible asset it is, generate a unique data strategy, identify the data you need and where to find it, understand the four templates to turn customer data into business value, generate business value using our data value generator

Rethink innovation, understand and implement rapid experimentation, use strategic planning tools to run experiments, learn from your innovation activities, tailor the 9 innovation steps to your business, scale your innovations

Rethink value, understand your market position and how to improve it, generate new value propositions or optimise existing ones, generate value proposition roadmaps, identify and manage disruption

Rethink culture, identify the organization challenges you are facing or will face in transforming your business for the digital age, including a digital-first mindset, cybersecurity, how to embrace innovation and learn from failures

We are vendor and technology agnostic. We do not promote one vendor over another, one particular technology, source of data, or partner option. We source those that fit the strategy that has been created for you, delivering the best possible solution for your business – not the service or product we could charge you the most for, or the internal capabilities we have that need to be put to work. Something most of the big 5 consulting firms do.

Ultimately, we help your portfolio companies develop:

Growth rate improvements
Through new customer strategies, new marketing strategies, new value strategies, and a customer-centric and innovative culture

Business Strategy to win in the digital age
Increasingly sensors and computers are infiltrating every aspect of our lives, sensing, capturing and analyzing a plethora of data. In the digital economy you operate in, enabling and exploiting this data is the most important aspect to sustainable growth in business and asset value. Delivering and accessing that growth can be a real challenge as pre-digital business strategies no longer work as effectively in the ever-changing personal and business environment we live and operate in. By adopting and applying innovative and tested methodologies taught at leading institutions, such as Columbia Business School, we enable you to overcome these challenges, multiply your performance and succeed in the digital age.

Learning & Culture
We help your portfolio companies’ executives understand, conceive and express a business strategy for the digital age, and implement it across the organisation. We work with you to develop digital operating models that are fit for your business. We teach your leaders about customer networks, marketing in the digital age, value trains, data management and generating value from it, market position improvement, staying relevant in the digital age, disruption management, and digital leadership.

Relevant Technology Application
We help your portfolio companies identify and embed the right technology to support your business growth through business-fit strategies that allow you to design, test, and build new value propositions for success in the digital age.

Growth in the digital age
We help your portfolio companies create new sources of revenue by discovering the unmet needs of your current and future customers, through the right use of data, creating an innovation culture, and embedding the right technology for your business and assets.


We offer a range of services to help you succeed: Find out more here.