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Data Value Generation Service

Data is one of your most powerful resources.

Whether it is gathered or purchased, the combination of data can uncover unprecedented opportunities for a business.

Warby Parker (2nd highest revenue generator per square foot after Tiffany’s), Intuit (from zero to US$3B new value for the business), The Weather Channel (sold its data business to IBM for US$2B) have all delivered exponential value from the commercialisation of data.

We can help your investments achieve the same.

We can help you uncover, understand, and commercialise the data from your portfolio companies.

Does this sound like it would be valuable to your business?

Wonderful – let’s get started

Our Data Value Service is an end-to-end solution that includes an evaluation of your business’s data, existing data strategy, and data technology; the generation of a data strategy to achieve the type of success others have; and the implementation management of this strategy to ensure success of your data commercialisation.

This service starts at £50,000 (excl VAT) and takes between 26 and 104 weeks on average depending on the business.

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