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Business Process Optimisation Service

Having processes in place is important.

It creates efficiency.

Documenting these helps everyone in your organisation know who does what, how they do it, where does their responsibility start and end. It remove ambiguity.

It also is a tremendous tool to identify improvement opportunities.

Our business process optimisation is two-fold:

  1. process documentation and
  2. recommending and implementing changes to improve business performance – this may be a better way to work through a current process or maybe its introducing technology that will support your staff and simplify the tasks required.

It ranges from basic to advanced automation (such as implementing Robotic Process Automation).

We have seen dramatic improvements in overall business performance leading to greater revenues and cost savings by optimising processes, as well as asset improvements with the right solutions in place.


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Our business process documentation starts at £7,000 (excl VAT) per business function and delivers business process maps and step-by-step guides. Our recommendations and process improvement implementation management service starts at £5,000 (excl VAT) depending on the scope of the improvements being implemented.

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